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Hey Java folks,
the first day of JavaOne 2012 is over and it was already packed with a large number of Java news.

#### Java 8
Oracle officially announced during a keynote that Java 8 will be delayed from August 2012 (which we already passed) to an unspecified date in late 2013. Maybe we will have a final release by next JavaOne.They also revealed what will and will not be included in the next release(we knew a lot of stuff in advance). Here a list of the most important ones:

* Modularity aka „Project Jigsaw“: is NOT included -> Java 9
* PermGen space: [Removed]( (Maybe even in an JDK 7 Update)
* „Date and Time API“ [JSR #310]( is included
* „Lambda Expressions“ [JSR #335]( is included
* „Compact Profiles“ [JEP 161]( is included
* „Annotations on Java Types“ [JSR 308]( is included
* JavaScript Engine „Nashorn“: is includedIf you want to read the official blog post, here is the link.

#### Projekt Sumatra
Almost a month ago „Project Sumatra“ became the approval to become an official OpenJDK project. The idea is to execute Java code on the GPU via OpenCL but without having developers to directly trigger this enhancement. The key to this feature, which is supposed to increase the performance, is the HotSpot JVM and it JIT-Compiler. „Project Sumatra“ also heavily depends on Lambda Expressions, which will be available in Java 8.Some of you might have heard of similar ideas which resulted in the Rootbeer Compiler or „Project Aparapi“. Unfortunatly it is unlikely that this feature will be ready for Java 8.

#### Project Avatar
Already one year ago Oracle announced a third web framework called „Project Avatar“. This framework will enable the developer to develop modern, HTML 5 based, plugin-free web applications based on a JEE backend. Due to their HTML 5 support they don´t have acceptance problems on mobile platforms such as iOS because they don´t require a plugin as JavaFX does.
The most important success factor will probably be that you develop an application from the frontend to the backend with ONE framework. The developers say that it will be easy and fun to develop apps.
My two cents: THIS is the most interesting I have heard so far and I am really, really excited what the Java Community is building here. But: After JSF it can only become better 😉
Not much more information is revealed so far. As soon as I know more, I will let you know.

#### JBoss AS
The JBoss community announced today that the all beloved JBoss AS will be renamed. Now its your time to propose a new name here until October 14. After choosing the most proposed ones, the community is able to vote between October 21 and November 1.
The final new name will be announce during Devoxx 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium.

#### Glassfish 4
Today Oracle released some early development milestones of Glassfish 4. You can download them here. It will again be the reference implementation of JEE 7 and have the following main features: „Higher productivity“ and „HTML 5 Support“ as stated in some Glassfish release plan.

#### JEE 7
As we already heard at the beginning of September, JEE 7 won´t come with PaaS and Multitenancy Support. Both are now scheduled for JEE 8.Oracle again wants to provide the release „in time“ but with less features. They don´t want to go with a half-baked release, which I personally find very good.A lot of Specifications are being updated which for example include CDI 1.1, EJB 3.2, JPA 2.1, JSF 2.2, JMS 2 and JAX-RS 2.0.Besides that the new specs include Java API for WebSocket, Java API for JSON Processing, Batch Applications and JCache.I am pretty excited what the next days, weeks and months will bring. I, personally, am very excited about the future of Java.Did I miss an important news? Tell me in the comments!

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