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I have been invited to attend the Pitch in Berlin v4 event in Berlin last Saturday, which is part of the Build 0.10. This event was a big platform for young Startups to pitch in their ideas and home of some very great talks about startup life.

If you want to know more about HackFwd, its mission and their past two years of business, please checkout the following video: HackFwd ReloadedThe talks I was able to attend were:SPARK 0.4 „Fireside Chat With Niklas Zennström“(founder of KaZaA and Skype) , Moderator: Lars Hinrichs(Xing founder and CEO of HackFwd)SPARK 0.5 „Design For Emergence“ by Tom Hulme (entrepreneur and angel investor)SPARK 0.6 „Innovation And Learning: Love or Hate?“ by Martin KuppSPARK 0.7 „Magic Numbers“ by Stephanie Kaiser and Torsten ReilStartups that were pitching in chronological order:AbusixClaimeeDropdockEchofyElastic IOGamepunks / Sports World IslandHolalabsHonestlyInstFeedbackMashMeRombotsSearchgonzoUncoverEach team had 5 minutes of presenting and 1 minute for Q&A. 13 Teams were presenting in front of around 200 attendees. A guest ticket was priced 25€ and included some great lunch snacks and free drinks all day.And the winners are: and @UncoverMac, with runner ups and Gamepunks / Sports World Island!Down below you can see one of the absolutely cool, high-quality works of @UncoverMac. They upgraded the backplate of the MacBook by cutting out the aluminium with an ultra-expensive high-performance laser system. What I also didn´t know is the fact that the whole backplate is covered with the light system because it is part of the LCD system and Apple just used the necessary LCD backlight to enlight the Apple logo.If you think that this is cool art, please support them by spreading the word or by buying a customized backplate.At the end of the day we were part of a group picture of around 200 people which you can find here:Group picture

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