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We are your technology partner with passion for modern, highly-scalable web solutions.
We offer consulting, design, implementation and workshops.

Technology consulting

Today’s systems not only consist of a single technology, but are a composition of diverse, distributed systems and technologies.

We help you find the perfect technology for your specific problem, thus your project in the long term will be a success.

Software and System Architecture

Each project has its own special challenges and needs an individual and holistic solution in regard to software and system architecture.

We help you to make the right decisions, so that your project gets a solid foundation.


Besides a sound architecture and an optimal choice of technology, the professional implementation contributes a vital role to the success of the project.

We are happy to implement your project or assist in modernization and containerization. Our developers have several years of experience in both large and small projects, from startups to major corporations.


The technology world is evolving quite quickly and it is often difficult to keep up to date.

We offer interactive, one-day workshops in which we will explain the latest technologies and concepts in small groups. We attach great importance to the fact that the participants actively co-develop during a workshop, as this results in a higher learning effect.

We are convinced that containerization is the key to homogeneous software landscapes.

“Containers help you build, ship and run distributed applications in scale way faster and more reliable than any other solution”

Some of our happy customers:

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